Values (as reflected through the CMS partnership)

The Nigerian Chaplaincy seeks to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as

we serve the Nigerian community across Europe. Relational The Nigerian Chaplaincy seeks to be relational (rather than just programmatic) in the way we serve the Nigerian community. We are a people focussed organisation, committed to building strong Christian communities wherever we work.


The Nigerian Chaplaincy seeks to be pioneering; committed to pushing boundaries and seeking the frontiers in new mission opportunities.


The Nigerian Chaplaincy seeks to be intentionally evangelistic in everything we do. We look forward to people becoming disciples of Jesus, rooted in church life; making a difference in their local communities.


Future plans include offering the following activities at St. Marylebone Parish church for the Nigerian 


Information and advice services - Counselling and prayer ministry - Conferences, seminars and cultural events - Student mentoring programmes - Study/fellowship groups - Major Nigerian celebrations - Peace building projects - Regular monthly Sunday worship