London & Southeast

London is where most Nigerians live, work and study, and hence the base of Chaplaincy activities. In the past, the chaplaincy in partnership with British Nigeria Law Forum (BNLF) -a group of Nigerian lawyers, provided a monthly legal consultation for Nigerian community.  This is in addition to occasional services such as naming ceremonies, memorial services, etc. which the chaplaincy regularly undertakes.


Of recent, the Chaplaincy In partnership with the Church of England has embarked on establishing worshipping centres for the Nigerian Anglicans. This is to stem the drift of young Nigerian Anglicans from the church.



Activities of the chaplaincy go beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. The chaplaincy works in partnership with the Diocese of Europe to reach out to Nigerians within Europe. Albeit the work is limited to Italy at the moment, where a Nigerian congregation was established with the support of the Chaplain, who still provides pastoral care. The Chaplain also assists with vocation discernment of Nigerians in the diocese.



The concern to address the ethno-religious conflicts in Nigeria led the Chaplain to set up an inter-faith body called the ‘Nigeria Reconciliation Group’. The vision of the group is to educate and raise the awareness of ethno-religious conflicts in Nigeria among the Nigerians in Diaspora. Two successful conferences have been held since its inception. The Chaplaincy is involved in advocacy work for the community and provides general pastoral support. In future, we hope to use the platform of NIREG to promote health awareness and other issues affecting the Nigerian Community.



The Chaplaincy works in partnership with some Nigerian independent pastors and OFNC to organise the Nigeria Independence Anniversary Thanksgiving Service every year.



The Chaplain visits several UK prisons from time to time on invitation to provide pastoral care to the Nigerian inmates.