Management Structure


The Most Rev Henry C. Ndukuba, Primate of All Nigeria &

The Rt. Revd & Rt.Hon. Richard Chartres DD, the retired  Bishop of London

The Rt. Rev Christopher Chessun – The Bishop of Southwark

The Chair of the Chaplaincy Management Committee – The Rev Patrick Eggleston (interim chair)


The Venerable Dr Joe Ajaefobi who is a priest seconded from the office of the Primate of Nigeria and under the license of Bishops of London and Southwark is the Chaplain.

The Trustees of the Chaplaincy are:

1. The Rev Hugh Patrick Eggleston - Chair  

2. Mr Olufemi Awotesu 

3. Ms Folasade Odekeye  - Secretary  

4. The Rev Alastair George Thom 

5. Dr Olaposi Simeon Kehinde  

6. Mr Nnewima Nwafor-Orizu 

7. Mr Uzo Onwere 


The Trustees and the management committee are the policy makers while the chaplain in collaboration with congregations implements the decisions to actualise the vision and mission of the chaplaincy. There are two primary areas of activity for the chaplaincy, best illustrated under the two headings: community and congregation. All congregational activities are self-supporting and sustaining, while the community based work is funded through a combination of civic, charitable trust, partnership and church grants.


The Chaplain as the director leads and oversees each sphere of activity, supported by volunteers. The role of Chaplaincy Administrator is vacant at the moment.